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Monday, March 05, 2012

A girl never forgets....

It’s March…and it is birthday month for someone special for me. But, lately it seems that we had a lot of arguments. Something happened and it changed our situation. I feel so pity for him, but on the other hand, I can smell something fishy. As usual, I began to be a suspicious person. I had a terrible experience with him before and I can’t simply erase the bitter memories. Is it true…a girl never forget?

I think I might be one of a girl that could not simply forget everything easily especially if something bad, worse and terrible happened for the first time in my life though it happen for a reason. Yess..i do believe everything happen for a reason. And, Allah is testing me again. .

sometimes, if you love someone so much...it hurts you more!


LidiaSuraya said...

yup when we love somesome TOOO much it will hurt u TOOO much! so spare some luv for urself. tapi kan sometime guys pun couldnt easily forget tau.. forgive is easy forget is tooo hard laaa kan?

AmirFX said...

Paranoid can save ur life.. :D

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