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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Broadband/ Internet slow..is it bcoz of the Supermoon??

I don't know if this 'supermoon' related to the Internet connection..tapi since that day, after the phenomena took place..seems Internet is getting slow and very worse..broadband ape lagi..uols leh pegi masak maggi dulu..pastu makan maggi tu puas2..pastu get back to ur laptop /notebook.. and the result is.....LOADING or the worse things yg leh buat uols fed up trosss....THE PAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE!... and then..very simple je, SHUTDOWN and TIDO... 

~ that's why..aku selalu lambat nak update new entry...and this thing buat idea aku trosss LESAP~


Izyan Masri said...

aipp,yang ni setuju sangatlah.memang internet slow gila sekarang :D

L@dyKichiMachiko said...

ha'aa..bukan takat slow je, kekdg langsung xdpt on9..


tau xpeee,.btol la tu,.letih menunggu mereka,.adehh,.

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