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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jiwaku adalah tulisanku

Lately..i feel i want to be FREE..
feel free to choose..feel free to live..
I'm tired of thinking and waiting..
sometimes loneliness is fun.. just me..loving myself
Life is unpredictable. Love may come and go..
Sometimes, it ends WELL...some NOT.
Triangle love??.. Turn back or move on?
If the opportunity could bring the positive effects..may turning back!
But..if it is WORSE.. move on.. slowly
Love is in the air..how nice if I can have this feeling?
Now..I'm confusing..to love or leaving..
My dreams..would it be a reality? Get married with someone that I love..
and someone that love me..care for me..and never leave me till the end of my life!
Only death can separate us.. but WHO might that person??
Life is complicated.. I am feeling hopeless..
Will I be the most happiest woman in this world?
Will I be blessed?


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