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Saturday, April 02, 2011


Eh..eh..betul ke apa yg aku dengar2 ni? Harga minyak RON97 naik lagi?? Adoiiyaiii...tak habis2 ye nak menaikkan harga jew..kalau tak belogwalking kat blog kengkawan yg lain..confirm aku tak tau punn.. ni aku borrow and share artikel dr ENCIK PELUANG (hehehe..sharing is caring kan EP..^_^ ) Kat bawah ni adalah keratan dari artikel tentang kenaikkan harga minyak ni..:

KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 — The pump price for RON97 petrol will go up 20 sen a litre to RM2.70/litre effective midnight, a source said today. It is the highest jump this year as world oil prices have spiked due to unrest in oil-rich North Africa. “We received the confirmation notice this evening about the 20 sen rise,” a source told The Malaysian Insider. The price of the higher-grade RON97 rose 10 sen effective January 31 after a similar hike in early January 2011. It had earlier spiked to RM2.30 last December 1. It is understood prices of other fuel grades will remain unchanged as only RON97 prices are determined by a market float. The government had said it would review all options to ensure that it can maintain the price of the RON95 grade, used by most motorists, despite rising global prices.....>>>THE MALAYSIAN INSIDER

bisik2: Ishh..tak habis2 kan uols..minyak naik..harga barang naik..semuanya nak naik..gaji jew yg tak NAIK2 lagi...

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