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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Setting Baru, My Archive..

Halluuu Uolss...nak bgtau kat uols ni, aku dah tukarkan setting MY BLOG ARCHIVE tau! So, ALERT yaa..See anak panah tu? Yg tu aku punya previous archives, *nyempat gak mamee Tom Yam tu interframe kat sana wehh* Setting archive aku yg baru looks like this..

See that arrow...yahh,dats my new setting..Flatlist.. So,to readers yg SUDI SINGGAH at my blog ni, if uols nak review back my entry..juz klik2 the archive. Happy Reading Uolss...^_^

hopefully uols can see it..ALERT! 

1 comment:

[sutera kasih] said...

hehe okey, noted :)

tp suka tgk archive yg style kalendar tapi tak reti nk buat hehe

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